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TIRE SHINE and AIR MACHINE "Combo" - Add a new profit center. E-mail: for details. Contact Joe DeNardis at 412-337-7789


Note: New Product - CWater Conserve Protectorant - $650.00 per drum. - More cars per hour - Drier Cars - Shinier Cars - Save WATER, TIME and CHEMICALS

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Tire Shine, Tire Shine Machine and Applicator We,website:

- Tire Shine - "best tire shine" for the money. Our tire shine works great of "in-tunnel" shiners. Our best tire shine has more silicone than anyother tire shine on the market - as the best price ! Contact us for a free sample.

- See this video - you won't be disppointed!

- Tire Shine and Air Machine. Combo Machine.

- Tire Shine Applicators - This is no ordinary brush and gun set up. We use a specially designed brush/nozzle combination.

- Vacuum "Conversion kits" - convert your old vac to a tire shine machine.

- Ultra kit - convert your Vacuum to Tire Shine, Two Fragrances, and Air For Tires.

- Express Detailing Machines. Spray window cleaner or air freshener.

- Coin Operated Wheel Cleaner - at the entrance to automatics

- Car Wash "Best" Tire Shine

New item: Four Product "Ultra" Conversion kits. MAKE MORE MONEY. Convert your low producing vacuum to dispense tire shine, two fragrances and air for tires

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Contact Joe DeNardis for information and pricing for a stand alone
COIN OPERATED TIRE SHINE and AIR MACHINE. Combo Machine. We can supply custom decals, hose and brush colors to match other equipment on your site. Contact us at e-mail: or call 412-367-1501. You can also call my cell phone at: 412-337-7789

Tire Shine and Air Machine (Combo) to generate additional profits in Self Serve Car Washes. Designed to conform to coin-op vacuums. Takes minimal space. Designed to hold a 5 gallon pail.

Features: Stainless Steel Construction. Easy maintenance. Sensortron and lighted dome is standard. Digital display timer optional. Carbon Steel, Aluminum or Stainless support stand available at additional cost. 110 Volt AC Power.

VACUUM "CONVERSION KITS" are sold to convert your little used vacuum to a Tire Shine Applicator Machine. Includes: Kit includes all needed equipment including: Complete contained pumping system designed to pump dispense any tire shine product, hose, gun, brush/nozzle combination applicator, vacuum hose adapter to tire shine hose, new decals to apply to your vac, and instructions in how to assemble. Installation takes less than one hour - start making money with this new profit center for your car wash.

THE EXPRESS TIRE SHINE MACHINE - Locate ths machine at tunnel wash exits and in finishing areas.
Why carry a spray bottle or tank sprayer around the vehicle to apply tire shine ?. This unit supplies tire shine from a central source - insert drop hose in a 5 gal pail, place the unit on top of a 55 gal drum,or locate this machine inside your building with a hose or hoses (one machine can handle as many as six (6) hose drops)to your finishing areas. No need to fill bottles and a tank sprayers. Keep better track of your inventory. No need to worry about bottles being left in cars or theft of your product. Look more professional with the Express tire shine machine. Contact us for information and pricing.

Inquire regarding about an express machine set-up without the dome and stainless enclosure. Set the pumping unit on top of a 55 gal drum inside your building with hoses run out to you finishing areas.

The EXPRESS DETAIL MACHINE can be used with other products in you finishing area such as air freshener and window cleaner. As indicated above, the machine can accomodate multiple hose drops from one machine to as many as 6 stalls in your finishing areas.

THE COIN OPERATED WHEEL CLEANER MACHINE can also generate additional income by spraying wheel cleaner at the entrance to automatics - charge $2.00 per application.

NEW PRODUCT - compares to Simonize pad perfect

Water based silicone Crown "Best" TIRE SHINE (tire dressing). Best tire shine you can buy. This product is perfect for in-tunnel applicators. Looking for a cost effective substitute for popular brands of tire shiune - THIS IS IT !
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Car Wash Chemicals for the professional operator; Best TIRE SHINE, High Pressure Soap, Touchless Car Washes, Tunnel Washes, Full and Self Service, Tire Shine Conversion kits, Water Conserve Protectorant

Tire Shine and Air Machine (Combo), tire shine conversion kits - for Self Serve Car Washes, Express Tire Shine Machines - Car Wash Chemicals - Water Conserve Protectorant. Best tire shine for tunnel shiners.